Heather C. James, M.D.
Rebecca B. Raby, M.D.

Phone Call / Voicemail Policy

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our automated voicemail system. Although this is not the most popular way of communicating, it does allow us to offer more expanded services. Every attempt was made to design the system so that it is “user friendly.” When you call our office, your call is answered by an automated system. Your call may then be handled in one of several different ways, depending on your needs. The office has several different voice mailbox options, including nurses’ voicemail, pharmacy refills, and medical records.

Our office is not equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies. These should be handled by calling “911” or going directly to the nearest Emergency Department. If your call is URGENT , let the operator know. Each mail box will guide you through a series of questions. You will be asked to leave information after a tone. After you have answered the questions, your message will be replayed so that you can either accept or change your information, or you may remain on the line for other options. If you are leaving a message in one of the voice mailboxes and are having problems with the system, you may press “0” to speak to the operator at any time. We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your feedback at anytime. This is the best way we can handle phone messages, while maintaining the schedule in the clinic.

Urgent messages are handled immediately. Your will be placed on hold while your chart and a nurse are located. For example, if you are an asthma patient in your red zone, or if you have started your home management and need help with which steps to follow, you should tell the operator your call is urgent.

Nurses’ Voicemail is set up to be used if you are not feeling well or have questions for the nurse. The messages are checked hourly. The calls are returned in order of priority. It is very important to keep your phone line free and to be home so that your call may be returned. The nurse will call you back to get information about your problems. If you plan to be away form the phone, please leave a mobile phone number or times that you may be reached. The nurse will need to know what medicines you are taking, your medication allergies, and the phone number of your pharmacy. The nurse can also help with school forms. Please see the office policies regarding charges and turnaround time.

Pharmacy Voicemail is set up for you or your pharmacy if you are requesting refills. Pharmacy refills are done on a daily basis. Please allow 48 hours turnaround time. We do not acknowledge automated fax refill requests generated by pharmacies. You must request refills yourself.

Medical Records Voicemail is set up for you if you are requesting medical records. It is checked on a daily basis. Please allow 48 hours for turnaround time. Please see the office policies regarding applicable charges.